Marathon Medical takes pride in delivering essential medical supplies to healthcare professionals and patients at Veterans Affairs’ facilities and across numerous government agencies. Below are our esteemed partners and suppliers that contribute to Marathon Medical’s mission.


A global innovation company, 3M operates in fields like industry, worker safety, healthcare, and consumer goods, known for its diversified technology and commitment to solving real-world problems.


Medtronic stands at the forefront of medical technology, services, and solutions, revolutionizing healthcare technology and improving millions of lives worldwide.


BSN medical is a global leader in wound care and related vascular diseases, lymphology, and non-invasive orthopedic products.

B. Braun

B. Braun provides healthcare solutions, products, and services, specializing in infusion therapy, interventional procedures, clinical nutrition, and pain management.

Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health specializes in distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical products, serving more than 100,000 locations to ensure healthier lives worldwide.


Now part of Medtronic, Covidien is a global healthcare leader that created innovative medical solutions for better patient outcomes.


Medline Industries excels in manufacturing and distributing healthcare products and solutions, driving quality patient care, and enhancing provider efficiency.

Smiths Medical/ICU Medical

Smiths Medical, a subsidiary of ICU Medical, is a leading manufacturer of specialized medical devices and equipment for global markets, focusing on medication delivery, vital care, and safety devices.


Teleflex is a global provider of medical technologies designed to improve the health and quality of people’s lives, focusing on interventions and patient care.

Tetra Medical Supply Corp.

Tetra Medical Supply Corp. is dedicated to providing high-quality medical products and accessories, serving diverse healthcare areas.

Arrow International

Arrow develops, manufactures, and markets a broad range of clinically advanced, disposable catheters and related products for critical and cardiac care.

Koya Medical

Koya Medical is actively engaged in creating innovative therapies for lymphedema and venous diseases, focusing on patient comfort and compliance.

Concordance Healthcare Solutions

Concordance offers dynamic, nationwide distribution solutions, providing outstanding service in medical supplies distribution.


AngioDynamics provides minimally invasive medical devices used by professional healthcare providers for vascular access, surgery, peripheral vascular disease, and oncology.


Ansell is a global leader in protection solutions, designing, developing, and manufacturing a wide range of hand and arm protection solutions, healthcare safety devices, and clothing.


NeuroMetrix, Inc., created the Quell device, which is worn on the upper calf and uses neurotechnology to block pain signals.


Kerecis is pioneering the use of fish skin and fatty acids for tissue protection and regeneration, innovating in wound care and surgical solutions.


Meditrina is an innovative company located in San Jose, CA, and founded in 2016 developed the Aveta™ hysteroscopy suite which was designed to provide physicians with the best care in their diagnosis and treatment of endometrial polyps and uterine fibroids.


Mammotome remains dedicated to advancing breast health, providing a comprehensive portfolio of breast lesion diagnostic and biopsy devices.


Ruhof Healthcare leads in the research and development of advanced cleaning solutions for medical, surgical, and endoscopy instruments, ensuring patient safety and care.


Omeza operates as a medtech and consumer healthcare products company, focusing on healing and preventing chronic wounds with its innovative products derived from omega-3.


A global healthcare titan, Abbott excels in diagnostics, medical devices, nutritionals, and branded generic medicines, striving to make life better through improved health.

Joerns Healthcare

Joerns Healthcare is a key provider of equipment and services for the healthcare industry, particularly known for their advanced bed systems, therapeutic surfaces, and safe patient handling solutions.


SANUWAVE Health is an avant-garde regenerative medicine company specializing in the development and commercialization of noninvasive, biological response-activating devices in regenerative medicine.


eSight offers breakthrough electronic glasses that enhance sight for individuals with legal blindness and visual impairments, significantly transforming lives through enhanced mobility and independence.

Phoenix Textile

Phoenix Textile has been a trusted provider of linen, uniforms, and interior services, creating comfortable and aesthetically pleasing healthcare environments.


A global conglomerate, Honeywell’s branch in healthcare provides industry-specific solutions that include medical devices, software, and technologies designed to meet healthcare and clinical requirements.
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